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Work Boy #mashup – The Glitch Bitch

What: Work Boy

Who: The Glitch Bitch

Listen to it when you want to: Make it bounce, Be in Your World, Power Up.

Why is this LOWD: This is the kind of mashup that you think (and you wish) it’s the original song. Rihanna and B? We all know that that can’t happen really, but we wish it could. So here we get the song that meets our wildest dreams. “Work” holds the song together with a deep bass and the accents that have made the intro of this song so popular, while the vocals of the acapella version of “If I Were a Boy” direct our train of thought. It’s as if “Work” is telling us to “dance dance dance” and ” If I Were a Boy” tells us to “keep it down” and grounds us to reality. We are in sort of a limbo while listening to this mix, the WHOLE mix. Dope.

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