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Who: Astronautica

Listen to it when you want to: Chill with Your Friends, Write a Love Letter (or a text, cause 2016)

Why is this LOWD: Ever thrown a kickback or a full-on party and struggled to play a playlist that (A) you don’t have to change every 5 minutes (B) showcases your personality (C) you don’t have to worry will have that random weird song that you think it’s cool, but is a bit too much for other people (D) will wow your guests? Finding a good mix like ain’t easy, but Astronautica makes our job easier with this one. There is literally nobody that can possible hate any of the songs that are included in this mix as they appeal to every taste and are just freaking awesome period. Every song flows so well into the other that the mix feels like a full song. Funny story, “Astronautica” in Italian is an adjective to define something that comes from space, which is where this Dj and this mix comes from, forreal, she must have gotten abducted or something.

<3 . <3 emoji.

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