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The One – Umii (Reva DeVito + B. BRAVO)

Who: Umii (Reva DeVito + B. BRAVO)

What: The One

Listen to it when you want to: Let them know;

Why It’s LOWD: This song is a dedication to a boy Reva has fallen in love with.

“Give yourself away to me boy, I don’t want to wait. Let’s just run away boy, we can leave today.”

Throughout the track, Reva confesses that she’s willing to accommodate the boy’s every request purely moved by her affection towards him. She is ready to give up whatever she is doing to spend the day with this man. No matter what her friends tell her, she nows what she wants, which is to be an item, “The One,” with the boy. Well… we don’t know who dis mans his but… THANK YOU for doing whatever you are doing cause that motivated Reva to write amazingly heartfelt, evocative, and memorable lyrics to perfectly complement the soft, cloudy beat B. Bravo and Salva co-produced.

#LOWDLADIES represent.

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