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Silhouette (feat. Crsh) – Atha!ie


What: Silhouette (feat. Crsh)

Who: Atha!ie

Listen to it when you want to: Let it out, Show off, Turn up

Why it’s LOWD: This is not a track for every ear. This track doesn’t want you to like it, it just throws it all in your face and if you’re about it, good for you. If you’re not, your bad. “Silhouette” is as poignant and unapologetic as it is truthful. Also, listen to that beat. Dark as the lyrics, it creates a dream-like and almost hypnotic ambiance that perfectly complements the vocals of Atha!ie and Crsh. Although the two artists put their own style in each one of their verses, they work very well together. It’s almost as if the first verse is a preparation for the second one, which comes in hard straight from the beginning and, between one change of flow and the next, keeps us hooked until the very end.

No doubt about it, this is #LOWDTrackOfTheWeek material.

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