#LOWDLADIES Initiative

As a website founded by two women in hopes of helping aspiring artists, we’d like to share with you our #LOWDLADIES Initiative. Here we shine a special spotlight on women artists to even out the playing field of male dominated industries in both music and journalism.

LOWD LADIES is a repurposing of the negative connotation ‘to be loud.’ It is an undeniable fact that society has historically demanded women to be passive, silent, and obedient to their male counterparts. Women who were opinionated and assertive were not called ‘bold,’ but instead rude, loudmouths, and unlady-like.

But really, wtf does unlady-like really mean?

To be loud is to be expressive. It is to be heard. It is to share your soul full of music with the world. And quite frankly honey, we want you women to be louder!

So here we are, two ladies who have been raised by strong women, that are making an initiative to focus our energies on bold, inspiring artists that deserve 100% of the spotlight in this 75-Cent-to-a-Dollar World in which we still live in.

If you want to see who we’ve featured, look for the LOWDLADIES tag on our social media to stay updated!

Be strong, stay LOWD x


@alunageorge slaying the game at #Firefly2016

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