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#MusicMondays @YouTube Space NY

We got a chance to see the magical video factory that is YouTube.

Deep into the depths of Chelsea Market, is an industrial elevator that brings a few lucky people with a golden ticket to the YouTube Space NY to attend their Music Mondays.

Their Monday series is not your ordinary networking event. Staff invite three acts to perform, two usually on the rise and a third pretty large act as a friend said, “too large for the intimate space.”

Past performers include Sp!r!t Animal, Mainland, Sunflower Beam, and YATCH. We were excited to see Lake Street Dive, a festival favorite of THATLOWD because Rachel Price’s vocals are just divine.

@lakestreetdive covering “Lola” by The Kinks #MusicMondays

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The space is very intimate, about 100 capacity. There’s bleacher-style seating that lend the makeshift feeling that you’re in a studio, not a formal show. In between acts, you get a chance to mingle with other Youtube channel owners and music industry folk. And of course, what’s a networking event without some free beer.

Other than #MusicMondays, Youtube Space NY also offers classes and workshops to aspiring Youtube Creators. LOWDLADY Megan Jo comepleted their program, and you can check out her videos here! Also, if you’re a non-profit you can also apply to use Space to produce your next video.

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