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Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour


There is a handful of artists we had on our must-see bucked list, and Kanye West was definately one of them. Whether you like Kanye’s own music or not, he is the mind behind more tracks than you can ever imagine (“Bonnie & Clyde” check Forever” check Stand Up” check). On top of that, The Life of Pablo was in our opinion one of Kanye’s best albums yet, so we just had to go give thanks to Yeezy at The Forum on Nov 1st.

Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour 6

Focus on Music

You probably know this by now, but THATLOWD loves music and just music with no bullshit. The Saint Pablo tour delivered on this. Kanye was standing on a moving platform singing on top of the audience. The only aid he had was a live band (featuring a-freaking-mazing Caroline Shaw) that was hidden somewhere in the Forum and some minimal light shows. West was attached to the suspended platform with a chain so he couldn’t even move a whole lot. So it really was just about the music and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of energy he was able to project with just his voice and his hotline bling-ish occasional dances.

Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour 3




We are really going to try to find pictures that make the light show justice. Kanye had tranformers-like moving platforms with orange lights throughout the show, a red laser light situation where thermo lasers would move out of the way with Kanye’s touch and all kinds of Ultra Light beams.

Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour 1

Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour 2

Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour 4


We are not 100% certain that kanye has got a heart. Yeezy made the whole stadium stop, look, and listen to a video dedicated his wife Kim K which was both the cutest thing ever and also a power move because I AM KANYE WEST AND I DON’T CARE IF YOU TALK SHIT ABOUT MY WIFE YOU’RE ABOUT TO SIT HERE AND WATCH THIS.

Kim and Kanye

Moving Stage

We think that Yeezy designed this show so that everybody, regardless of where they were sitting, could see him and so that at some point during the show everybody could see him as up close as possible. The 5×5 stage moved incessantly (still wondering how many anti-motion sickness pills he had to ingest), and it got closer even to people like us who were sitting at the very top of the bleachers . We also got about 100 heart attacks every time we saw the stage dip towards the audience. How did you not slip Kanye, IS YOU GOD?

Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour 5


We were not part of the moshpit but we looked at it from a far and it looked like a sea of moving wavesssssssssssssss. Dj Khaled got down in it so here is a video of him #TheyDontWantUsToSitInTheBleachers.

The Exit

Kanye’s exit confirmed to us that he is, in fact, and alien. He closed the tour with “Ultra Light Beam,” the lights went down, and in a minute he legit disappeared. When the lights came back on, the platform stage was on the other side of the stadium, not the side Kanye used to get on the platform so we have no clue as to where he exited from. So yes, we think he got abducted.


It being Kanye West, we had high expectations for his merch. The material may have not been of the best quality, but the designs were definately original. Yeezy was very smart in that some of the merch stands were actually outside the Forum, so you didn’t have to have bought tickets in order to buy the merch (which means he probably made a ton of cash from merch sales). People got in line at 3PM to cop Saint Pablo Tour memorabilia and we got our share of it as well. Below a rare picture of one of our founders, Carolina, getting as close as she can to having Kim’s butt, or having Kim on her butt, same thing.

Carolina Saint Pablo Shirt


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