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Echo Park Rising Festival

Echo Park Rising

From Echo Park Rising’s website:

“Echo Park Rising is a neighborhood event in it’s 6th year that focuses on the music, creativity, diversity and small businesses of Echo Park. There are multiple stages and activities throughout the weekend located on the main routes of Sunset Blvd, Glendale Blvd, Alvarado Avenue, Echo Park Avenue and beyond.”

Finding a free festival is not easy. Finding a festival that is free and offers a diverse line-up of about 30 acts (daily) is even harder. But we found that (lucky us) in Echo Park Rising. The festival ran for four days: four days of great talent of all kinds, mostly underground, great venues, shopping (lots of merch and records) and, obviously, great food and drinks!

Although the event ran for four days, we could only make it to the last one and we stayed mainly within three stages: The Echo, The Echo Patio and The Echoplex. The coolest part of the whole experience was walking from one stage to the other and listen to very different music styles and observe very different groups of people. In the video that we took below, you can see how, in just 4 minutes (how long it actually took us to move from one stage to the other), we went from a punk-rock band, to a contemporary rock band, to a country band and a DJ.

Obviously, what concert could it be without Carolina getting in some kind of adventure? As she was going back into The Echoplex stage, somebody who was sitting at a desk near all the flyers asked her for her name, nodded, and then gave her a fuschia post-it card with “Danny” written on it. All he told her was, “whenever you see Danny, please give him this.” Carolina had no idea what he was talking about… who is Danny? She didn’t quite know what to do, so she said “ok cool” and just gave the post it to a random guy. His name was Dug, close enough. We will never know whether that assignment was supposed to be a joke or not (it probably was). However, for our own peace of mind, we just want to say: “Sorry Danny, we will never be able to deliver that precious post-it to you.”

Who is Danny

Great job to EPR for organizing an event that supports the community, artists, and fans!




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