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Daybreakers: A 7AM Weekday Rave

We raved at 7:00AM on a Wednesday, and we’d do it again.

No, we’re not crazy. We’re just curious, and this curiosity brought us to a club in Williamsburg at 7:00AM in the morning. Through friends, we learned about Daybreakers morning raves that happen every couple of weeks a different night clubs, and sometimes boats.

The event starts with morning Yoga at 6:00AM to loosen and strengthen your muscles, while getting ready for the dance party that happens exactly at 7:00AM. We unfortunately skipped Yoga hour to opt for another hour of sleep.

When we arrived, dj duo Golden Pony – who appeared at Mysteryland this year – spun away for the next two hours while performers in costumes, acrobats and a jazz band popped in to add even more energy to the already ebullient and rambunctious morning crowd.

It’s hard to believe that this much energy, one tantamount to a night at Output, was coming from a 7:00AM sober crowd, but it was. Daybreakers provides coffees, juices, and breakfast treats to their partiers before sending them on their merry way before work. We were still dancing on the way to the train.

People choose to go to the gym in the morning, so why not choose a rave instead? If you can wake up early enough, Daybreakers is an awesome way to get a start in the morning. You’ll be sending out good vibes all day with the feeling that you can take on the world.
You can check out their upcoming events here, and see what cities they’re expanding to next.

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