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Craig David at the O2 Arena

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Craig David at the O2 Arena

Craig David is one of the most talented live performers in the World and this concert proved it. There, we said it.

Craig David is a U.K. singer who originally rose to fame in 1999 with the hit “Re-Rewind” with Artful Dodger and, 15 years and 15 million records sold later, he is now at the top of the charts with his #1 album Following My Intuition. We went to see him at the O2 Arena in London for his Following My Intuition Arena Tour on both March 25th and March 26th. Both concerts were sold out for a total audience of 17,000 people per night. Below is a link to a live stream of his performance on the 26th.



Posted by The LAD Bible on Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Unique Concert Experience

This concert was unlike any other we have ever been too because of the energy, of course, but also because of its structure. Generally, arena tours for artists with an extensive career like Craig’s tend to consist of a traditional set with the backing of a live band. However, even though the artist gifted the crowd with a 1-hour set that followed that script, he then turned the 17,000 people arena into a rave with an amazing DJ Set during the second hour. Craig successively brought the band back on stage for an explosive encore to his new track “16.” Craig David’s DJ Sets, which he performs under the name “TS5,” are unlike any other DJ Set out there because Craig sings (extremely freaking well) and spins (without missing a beat) at the same time. They are a mix of house, garage, grime, jungle, R&B, hip-hop, and more. Nobody at the O2 could resist singing and dancing along nostalgic hits from the likes of TLC and Ini Kamozeas as well as Craig’s own tracks, which he performed in between with a DJ twist to them.

The Voice

Craig David’s voice is simply unbelievable. The singer sounded just as good (if not better) live than he does on his studio albums. He never missed a note, delivered perfect vocalizations, and even freestyled at the speed of light.

The Energy

The 35-year old jumped on stage, danced, ran from left to right, and engaged with the band and the audience throughout the concert. Actually, we must make notice of the band, which has to be the highest-energy band we have ever seen. Everybody in the band kept the energy going through clapping along, smiling, singing and dancing. The energy on stage was mirrored by the crowd, which never stopped singing out of their lungs and moving their bodies to the beat.

Craig David And Kwame Craig David Experience

*Photo courtesy of our friend Mario Donati.

The Audience

The audience was another unique thing about this concert. There was a mix of day-one fans as well as a whole new generation of teenagers and they both equally enjoyed the concert. Everybody from general admission to the very last seat on the upper balcony was having the time of their life. We must admit, seeing moms and daughters screaming “I love you” to Craig David at the same time made our hearts melt a little bit.
Audience At Craig David Experience

His Smile

Craig David smiled throughout the concert. His smile wasn’t forced though, it was the smile of somebody who truly enjoyed what he was doing and was humbly overwhelmed and happy by the turnout of this amazing night. We needed to point out his smile to highlight the humbleness this man has, which he brings to the stage and connects tremendously with the audience and everyone around him and was probably a critical factor in the success of his performance.

Craig David Smile Craig David Experience

The Supporting Acts

Lauren Faith opened the concert with a lovely 30-minute set. The emerging singer warmed up the crowd just right before the second supporting act, grime rapper Big Narstie, came to the stage for another 30-minute set. Big Narstie was energetic and fun. He even gave flowers out to women to celebrate Mother’s Day and took his shirt off!

The Bottom Line

Must go see Craig David! We have booked a few more tickets to see him in this year and can’t wait to be delighted by his talent again! Craig David will be everywhere this year, including the US (New York May 10th and Los Angeles May 11th), so check out Craig David’s website and get ready to have the time of your life!

Listen to Craig David’s new album, Following My Intuition, here!

Craig David Singing Experience

*Photo courtesy of our friend Vincenzo Guiliano.

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