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Keep Callin – Munchie Squad feat. YMTK

Who: Munchie Squad feat. YMTK

What: Keep Callin

Listen to it when you want to: Party;

Why it’s LOWD: Making waves into the EDM scene in 2016, Austria’s DJ/Producer trio, Munchie Squad have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. They continue to create melodic and intricate beats while showcasing their creativity and versatility. Their latest track, ‘Keep Callin’’ ft. THATLOWD friend YMTK (check out his interview with THATLOWD here), is no different. Munchie Squad’s catchy mellow electro-house melody meet YMTK’s bars and delicate vocals and the result is fireworks! “Keep Callin” is energy, it’s a party, it’s a music festival, it’s any time you want to have fun with your friends and, why not, drunk text… we all do it. No shame.

With that, “Keep Callin” earns a much deserved #LOWDTrackOfTheWeek award!

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