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What: Jennifer

Who: Mike Merchant (outro keys by Justin Jackson)

Listen to it when you want to: Think, Cruise down the street, Sign along

Why it’s LOWD: You know we always appreciate an honest track. And this is what “Jennifer” is. In this track, Mike Merchant opens up to some of the things that have or actually happening in his life, or so he conveys through his storytelling. He talks about having to learn how to make his own beats because people didn’t want to give it to him (he produced and wrote “Jennifer” on his own), about having to pay bills, and about being on the search for perfection (which is a constant thought of any artist at any point in their career). On top of that, the simple, beautiful and honest lyrics are supported by an equally beautiful, simple, and honest video. The shaky camera and sudden changes of camera angle speak to the underlying sense of confusion that Mike Merchant raps about in his verses and so does his face, which is extremely expressive and truthful. Nothing about this track or this video seems fake, it all looks tangible, raw, and relatable, which is why we like both track and video so much. “Jennifer” is proof that at times all you need is yourself, a focused vision, and honesty to get a message across in an impactful way. 

“Jennifer” is our LOWD VIDEO OF THE WEEK!

NOTE: Mike Merchant also releases a “Behind The Beat” video for “Jennifer,” which you can watch here.

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