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Life is Beautiful Festival

Life is Beautiful Festival

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: September 22,23,24 2017

Genre: All


From festival freshmen to veterans, EDM freaks to hip hop heads, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL is an event that fits everyone’s taste and delivers on many different aspects. First, the music: a variety of big-name and emerging artists from virtually every music genre you can imagine bless its multiple stages. Second, the art. The show is located in Las Vegas’ up and coming arts district, so murals are everywhere accompanying the art installations that were placed by the festival organizers (read: super cute, giant, fluffy, led-lit bunnies). On top of that, an art gallery hosts talks from some of the most prominent artists of our era as well as an art show you can buy art pieces free of shipping charges. Third, the ideas. The festival turned a couple of buildings into venues where festival goers can watch comedy shows as well as talks with influencers of the likes of Maysoon Zayd, Shepard Fairey, and more. Finally, the food. Hawaiian, Filipino, Indian, mixology bars and even Japanese-Mexican fusion food stands are distributed everywhere along the venue. Not gonna lie, we spent more money on food than we did on drinks at Life is Beautiful 2016.


Festival goers at life is beautiful just wanna have a good time. This festival celebrates good vibes, love and togetherness and the people that went to it seem to stand by that. No crazy pushing unless you decide (like we did) to be in the first row at J.Cole’s set at the main stage, but even that is not as bad as other festivals we have been to (also in the first row for J.Cole’s set… we never learn).
Definitely take some time to sit on one of the many lawns, grab a bite and a beer and make new friends.
Wear whatever you like. The favorite themes of 2016 seemed to be: Pokemon, all kinds of glitter, unicorns and Harambe.


– Go a bit early on your first day to explore all that this festival has to offer, to listen to a few talks and try out the water slide. Also, if you go early you’ll be able to get your arm painted without waiting in a crazy line. It’s pretty dope and it comes off super easy in the shower.
– Reached the half-day mark and feeling tired? Looking for something to do in between sets? Get your blood pumping at the various dance floors stages distributed around the festival grounds. We have counted about 4, plus other smaller ones around some of the bar areas. Our personal favorite was the Kalliope Stage: as if electronic and dubstep tracks weren’t enough to get the blood pumping, hula hoops were made available to dance in 24/7 as well as entertaining performances featuring clowns and even pirates.
– Find a friend to try as many food vendors as you can. There are so many amazing vendors at Life is Beautiful, and so little time to try them all! Find a friend to share your meals with so you can try more dishes. Prices are not outrageous, so you can take advantage of that to turn Life is Beautiful into a mini tasting tour!
– The festival has an app which works great. It lets you set up alerts up to 30 minutes before a set and even gives you information about pop-up activities and art installations. However, plenty of schedules are distributed on the festival grounds. Signs with the schedule are also very easy to find. So, if you don’t feel like taking your phone out during the festival, don’t worry: there are other ways to know when your favorite artist is gonna come onstage. Plus your schedule will turn into a souvenir. We kept ours, which is broken in various pieces and has some beer stains in it, says a lot about us.
– To or fellow photographers: if you had any doubts about it, the answer is, yes, bring your DSLR. But don’t over do it. Only cameras with lenses 2 inches or shorter are allowed. You can always use your DSLR to shoot during the day, take advantage of the re-entry before 9PM policy, and run back to your room to drop it off before the night sets.
– Make sure you get checked-in correctly. You are only supposed to scan your wristband once, otherwise you waive your one re-entry bonus.

You Should Know

✓ 1 Factory Sealed Water Bottle (1 liter max), Camelbaks Allowed

✓ Blankets

✓ Small bags, single-compartment backpacks, plush backpacks and purses—regular-size/unframed backpacks

✓ No Age Limit (2 & under free)

✓ Personal cameras with a detachable lens 2 inches or shorter

✓ Festival App

✓ Binoculars

✓ Portable phone chargers

✓ One daily re-entry before 9PM

✓ Free bike valet

No selfie sticks, GoPro attachments, Monopods

No picnic baskets, large or hard-sided coolers

No professional still camera equipment with a detachable lens longer than 2 inches, tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs

No markers, sharpies, paint pens or spray paint

No skateboards, hoverboards, scooters, wagons, carts or any other personal motorized vehicles


Click here for more info on their official website.

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