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Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits

Where: Austin, Texas

When: Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2016 | Oct. 7-9, 2016

Genre: All



Down south, hospitality is actually a thing. People are kind, people are friendly, people say good morning. I’m not kidding. Austin City Limits is one of the best festivals that truly celebrates music in all its glorious forms tinged with Austin’s unique combination of quirkiness and southern charm. It traditionally runs in 3 days for two consecutive weekends at Zilker Park. That’s a total of 6 booming days in bustling Austin. If you want to know what was happening in music for a certain year, look no further than ACL’s lineups. The organizers, who have been doing this since 2002 have curated lineups with the biggest and most iconic names in every genre.

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The scene is a culmination southern colleges (UT Longhorns heavily represented,) long-time festival goers (one’s that can tell you what the first ACL or Lollapalooza was like,) and the colorful and weird Austin locals that look forward to who ACL brings every year. You’ll see some frat flags flying, but not many. It’s really about this laid-back southern chic Austin has coined so well. Think fashionably Bohemian (shout outs to Stevie Nicks,) but actually practical.


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  • ACL goers wore a lot of boots/booties over sneakers, which makes sense because they better protect your feet. Cowboy boots are really a thing down south, and Southerners know how seamlessly add them to their outfits. If you have a pair and they’re comfortable, go for it!
  • The walk to ACL has multiple entrance points into Zilker Park, but be prepared to walk about 10 minutes and through some dust.
  • Lyfts are readily available before and after the fests, we’d suggest walking a couple blocks past the exit to be picked up so you’re not mixed into the crowds.
  • Afterparties go strong on 6th Street, Austin’s strip of nightlife, Friday and Saturday night. This is also because of ACL’s Late Night Show’s, where you can watch the artists play in more intimate venues, and more or less do more creative shows rather than their big hits.
  • FLAGS. The festival flag game is legendary at ACL. This is your squad’s chance to flex with the most creative signs, totems, and flags. Plus they’re a great way to never lose each other.
  • If you can fit a small blanket or sheet in your bag, this is one of the festivals you’ll get use out of it during the day. Take in the Texas sunshine while you’re not raving.
  • Take the free shuttle service if you don’t have a car or want to call for one, just expect lines during rush hour. “The shuttles begin at Republic Square at 10:30AM and make their final return from the park at 11PM each day of the Festival.”
  • Like we always suggest, download their festival app. You can make your interactive lineup that sends you alerts, which trust us, you forget when you’re having so much fun. The map is also handy if you ever lose the paper copy. Get to know where all the bathrooms & water refills are!


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Good To Know

Limited 3 exits and re-entry per day

Cashless Wristband Option

Festival App

Locker Rentals $18-$45

Free Shuttle Service

All Ages (10 years and younger free with a ticket holding adult)

Camelbaks, Aluminum Water Bottles

2 Factory Sealed Water Bottle

Backpacks (school sized)

Collapsable, Individual Chairs

Blankets, Sheets, Towels

Flag Poles & Totems 12 ft. & Under

Small Handheld Umbrellas

Non-professional Cameras (no DSLRs)

No Onsite-Parking

No Camping

No Aerosol Cans, Drones, Coolers, Selfie Sticks


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