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What: Greens

Who: Quinny C

Listen to it when you want to: Think, Let it out, Nod your head

Why it’s LOWD: FLOW. FLOW. FLOW. Quinny C’s flow on this track is unbelievable. He lets us in and guides us through his thoughts word after word, rhyme after rhyme, bar after freaking bar. Quinn C talks about the sad realities of sexual discrimination, racial discrimination, corruption, lack of education, war. However, he also reminds us about the positive aspects of life and pushes us to “dream until we free-fall into nothing.” His timbre, angry at times, soft at others gives an extra layer to this message, a deeper accent on the feelings the song intends to convey. And it does. This track is not just a window into some of the system’s biggest issue, it’s also a window into our own soul, narrated through the sound of someone else’s experiences.

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