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Who: Drake

What: God’s Plan

Listen to it when you: Need to focus on your goals

Why it’s LOWD: Tell em Drizzy. Or should we say “show em Drizzy.” This music video gives an original and truthful perspective on the meaning that “making it” and money hold for many musicians. Musicians, and rappers especially, are often criticized for their relationship with success and money. The media is always quick to judge at a music video where rappers are showing off cars, money and girls, but doesn’t focus on the higher meaning that those possessions have for rappers and on the philanthropic actions that rappers take to help their community and loved ones. To musicians, making it also means giving back to all the people that supported them and the communities that shaped them. Many musicians know what it feels like to come from nothing, and a part of the reasons why they want to make it is to escape that nothingness and turn it into something that can improve their status but also that of their communities. We applaud Drake for making this video because it’s an attempt to bring media attention to something that many artists do but are silent about and that the media conveniently rarely informs the masses about because to them it’s simply less interesting than talking about how dope Drake’s last whip is.

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