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Busy Ballin’ – Sélavi (ft. Nas Leber)

What: Busy Ballin’ ft. Nas Leber

Who: Sélavi

Listen to it when you want to: Be reminded that you’re the shit, Get motivated, Let it out, Vibe

Why it’s LOWD: At first listen, this could sound like a track about cheating and about how women are lesser than men. Sélavi sings “Been waiting for my darling, I’m too busy ballin’ ” while Nas Leber raps “But I got a lot of shit on my mind, been on the grind if you ain’t riding with me better skip to the side.” However, Sélavi also shows strength and independence by rapping bars like “I had no feelings, you’ve seen it all but I’ve done it all.” By featuring a male and a female telling two sides of a story with equal strength, this track conveys a message of gender equality and determination. We are too busy ballin’ to worry about people that are holding us up.

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