About Us

Flashing lights. Bass. Discovery. *Feels*.

Live music and emerging artist are what keep our blood pumping. We are an artist collective and booking agency based out of LA, New York, and most recently Milan.

On our website, you’ll find the freshest tracks from emerging talents and their raw interviews detailing with life on the come-up. We provide a space for the artist who’s been drowned out by the noise to be discovered.

You’ll also find guides for new festivals and concerts to prepare you for the mystifying world of live music. Consider it your one-stop shop of things to know before you go. We in addition keep a list of upcoming events, so you can rage until daybreak on a Thursday morning.

In the end, we’re just fans sending back out the good vibes music has given us – from the soundtrack to the best nights of our lives to the playlist that provided momentary comfort at times we didn’t want to admit we needed. Music is the one thing anyone from anywhere can share, and we want to share it with you.

So come on this journey with us, or drop us a line anytime.
Stay lit, fam.

What do you live for? #LOWDMUSIC

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