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01 Strings – Justin Jackson

What: O1 Strings

Who: Justin Jackson

Listen to it when you want to: Love, Be loved, Think, Vibe

Why it’s LOWD: You know that feeling when you love someone and then they kind of fuck up but you kinda still love them anyway and can’t get them out of your head? This is exactly what this song sounds like. We are not just talking about the lyrics, which do talk about a relationship of that kind. We are talking about the actual sounds of this track. The piano and the voice don’t have a constant flow, they alternate to moments of silence or to the sound of other instruments. Justin Jackson starts singing and pushing the keys on his piano but then pulls back and forth just like we would imagine our heart pushing forth and pulling back in when thinking about that loved one we just can’t get out of our head even though we have a lot of logical reason to do so. This track has a soul, and for that it’s beautiful.

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